Published on: September 23, 2020


“He is the Rock, His work is perfect, for all His ways are just. A God of faithfulness who does no wrong, upright and just is He”. (Deuteronomy 32:4 NIV)

For Reading and Meditation: Deut.32:1-4

The atheist believes not in the existence of God. The philosopher sees miracles as mere coincidence of natural occurrence, and the traditionalist sees God in natural phenomenon. However, suffice to note that the man who handles, pills and sucks the orange can explain accurately the taste of the orange (Jer. 9:24).

God is supreme, the all-powerful, all authority is in His hands. Without any human, political or religious interference, He does everything perfectly and by no man’s permission. He crates all things for His own purpose. He is our rock upon which anyone who believes stand and will never fall. In the study of religion, God is the only ultimate reality all other realities depend on. By Him all things are created.

He possesses all the rights and power over creation and whatever He does is perfect. He is the sovereign Lord. When you put your faith and trust in Him, you cannot fail nor be disappointed. He will perfect His plan concerning your life, He will heal you, He will deliver you. Breakthrough is on your side, joy is on your side, shout I receive it.


1. Appreciate God for His faithfulness towards you.

2. Thank God for His knowledge in your life.

3. I receive the life of God in me.

4. Release, O God your creative power in my life afresh.

5. I curse every evil plantation in my life, die by fire.

6. Blood of Jesus enter my blood stream and cleanse me.

7. I break every cage of household wickedness in Jesus name.

8. Any evil monitoring gadget over my life brake by fire in the name of Jesus.

9. Every networking holding me down, I pull you down in the name of Jesus.

10. Thank God and rejoice for your victory.


God is the Only reliable Ultimate reality.