He was not a Divine Encounter member but when he saw the Divine Encounter Prayer Book he decided to attend the programme because of the challenge he was having.  The issuance of their visas was delayed for months but when they attended Divine Encounter the man of God made a declaration and they claimed it. Exactly three days, according to the declaration, the embassy responded. They have gotten their visas with ease. Praise the Lord God Almighty!


Mr. Alimasunya Ezekiel was afflicted with Epilepsy 18 years ago. Here’s his testimony, “One morning, in the year 2000 I woke up and I was told that I was convulsing in the night. That was the beginning of the epilepsy of 18 years. I collapsed 5 times in the airport on different occasions. The problem became so severe that I was having the attack twice monthly. Although I was born into Christianity, I visited many herbalists. They made me buy different animals but there was no solution. On the 31st of March 2018 I collapsed at his friend’s place. All my friends left me except this my friend called Ohwotuemuho Henry who told me that if I do not attend Divine Encounter programme with him our friendship would end. On that note I attended Divine Encounter. My friend Henry encouraged me to see the man of God so I agreed. April 19 2018 I met with Vicar who prayed for me. A day later, a huge man appeared to me in the dream (in the last place I collapsed in real life, which is my friend’s place). The huge man confronted me in the dream and I called the name of Jesus. Immediately, Daddy Vicar appeared and started fighting the huge man. To my greatest surprise when I passed through my friend’s place where the fight took place in the dream, the gutter had collapse, which showed how real the fight was.

After that fight it is now six months and two weeks I have never experienced epilepsy. I could not attend parties and ceremonies but I have attended twice since then. The things I was asked not to eat (for example pork) I now eat them.

Mr. Alimasunya Ezekiel (right) and his friend Ohwotuemuho Henry (left).

Her sister’s sewing machines were stolen. Though she had not attended Divine Encounter for a long time she believed that the God of Divine Encounter would answer her, so she took Divine Encounter from her friend and sprinkled the water on her sister’s shop. She prayed to God that He should intervene so that the machines could be recovered.  To god be all the glory, on the fourth day the machines were all recovered, and the criminal was exposed. Praise God!


Maria Benson testifying to the glory of God. Her son in Japan called that he was stooling blood. He was asked to go to the hospital but the place he was is far from the hospital. On the third day of stooling blood her mother who is Warri he prayed and ministered Divine Encounter water. She asked God to direct the power of God in the water to Japan and heal her son. Miraculously, the stooling of blood stopped. Praise Jehovah!


Her mother had a fracture in her leg some time ago which had been treated. Recently, she kicked the leg against an object. As a result she had a terrible pain inside her thigh region. After carrying out several scans and x-rays solution was still farfetched. When the daughter left Divine Encounter she visited the mother and poured Divine Encounter water all over her body. She decreed that the pains should cease. The following day the mom called that the pains were all gone. Praise Jesus!

Mrs. Olujere Etuokwu

She applied for a job eight months ago. The God of Divine Encounter surprised her with the job even though she had lost  hope in the job. Even without resumption she was paid two months salaries in arrears. Praise God!

Mrs Miracle Oluchi U.

She woke up to see some whitish growth in her eyes. She could barely see with the eyes. She went to the hospital. They told her that it was suspected to be cataract. The Doctor recommended treatment but she went home. She said to herself, “The same God who brought me back to life when they poured Divine Encounter water on me when they were preparing to take me to the mortuary will heal me.” She applied Divine Encounter water on her eyes and promised to thank God with the money she would have used for the treatment. Without any medical treatments her eyes got healed. Praise the Lord!

                Again, she had a very large growth on her face. A specialist Doctor was to carry out operation on her but she did not have enough money for the bills. The operation was rescheduled for the next seven days. When she got home her 8 year old great grandson took Divine Encounter anointing oil and applied it to the swollen region. He prayed for her that the growth should dissolve and develop pus. The following day God performed a miracle by causing the swelling to develop pus. It was drained and the growth dried up. Praise God!

Mrs. Kate Kalugbe

Paul testifying to the goodness of God. The private security company he is working decided to cut cost by reducing the number of their staff. Being that he was newly employed he was scared but he prayed and handed over the situation to God. He took Divine Encounter water to his work place and sprinkled it. Surprisingly, he was told that after a management meeting they resolve to make him the supervisor of his group. Instead of losing his job he got a promotion.


She had a growth in her breast and it was very painful. She did not tell anybody, including her husband for fear that they would ask her to go to the hospital, which she resolved not to go. She came to Divine Encounter and believed that God would heal her. After pronouncing blessings upon her materials the man of God asked everyone to minister their materials upon their bodies with faith. She applied the water on her breast. Surprisingly, before she could get to the Church gates the pains and the lump had disappeared. She had carefully examined herself and searched for the lump but everything is cleared, including the pains. Shout Halleluiah!


Her son fell ill two weeks before completing his NYSC in Oyo state. He returned home after the service but the treatments he received could not help much. Getting home the situation became critical. He visited many hospitals but to no avail. Finally, he was operated on having been diagnised of Apendix, which he survived by the grace of God. But that only gave him a temporay relief. Three weeks later the stomach pain resurfaced.

At this point she remembered that she was told about Divine Encounter programme some years ago. So she decided to visit Divine Encounter. After the programme she gave her son the water that was blessed in Divine Encounter. That was the end of the stomach pains.

Again, God also gave him a job, if not he would have been present at the moment of sharing this testimony. Praise God!

Alice O. from Agbarho

Her mother was sick. Her feet were swollen. She diagnosed of liver and kidney problems in a teaching hospital. When she visited her mom she ministered to her with Divine Encounter water. After that the legs dried up. She was further taken to FMC Owere for medical treatment a day later. Medical tests were carried out but there was nothing like liver and kidney problems. The doctor attending to her queried the tests results from the teaching hospital, saying that the tests results were wrong. He was unaware that God healed her of the kidney and liver problems. Shout Alleluia!!! 

Charity testifying