Published on: September 23, 2020




“But you, LORD are a shield around me my glory, the One who lifts my head high” (Psalm 3:3 NIV).

For reading and Meditation: Genesis 50:15-21

The word ‘lift’ means to raise, elevate, promote.  To cause to move upwards. To move from a low level to an enviable height. God is. the lifter of your head and the restorer of your dignity anytime you are under troubles and afflictions. Nobody can lift you as God can. You must understand that promotion doesn’t come from neither the East or West, North or South; promotion only comes from God who is the perfect promoter. From His exalted position of supreme glory, the Lord can raise up the poorest soul to the place of blessing and honour.

In Genesis 50:20, we could see that God brought good from Joseph brother’s evil deed, Potiphar’s wife’s false accusation, the cupbearer’s neglect, and seven years of famine. The experience in Joseph’s life taught him that God brings good from evil and He is the lifter and promoter of those who put their trust in him. Do you trust God enough to wait patiently for him to bring good out of bad situation? You can trust him because, as Joseph learned, God overrule people’s evil intentions to bring about his intended results.

From the second passage (Ps.3:3), the psalmist declaration here has a general form as if he could trust God at all times. It shows what his feelings were on the occasion here referred to, when dangers stood thick around him, and what his feelings habitually were in times of peril. He went further to say that amidst this trouble, God bestows upon him all the honour that he has, and it is his glory that he should put his trust in Him. He also sees God as the lifter of his head. Are you sinking deep into the mire of troubles currently? Beloved, if only you can put your trust in God, he will lift you to an enviable height in Jesus name.


1. Thank God who is able to lift you from the level you are now to a greater height.

2. O God my Father, take me from this level l am now to a better one in Jesus’ name. Amen.

3. Lord, just as you did to Jabez, enlarge my coast. Increase me on every good side in Jesus name. Amen.

4. My Father, every power, visible or invisible, standing between me and my promotion, die by fire in Jesus name. Amen.

5. Lord, give me grace to receive the reserved package you have for me in Jesus’ name. Amen.

6. O God my Father, every forged weapon against my life, my family and my success this year/month, come to nothing in Jesus name. Amen.

7. Every tongue speaking against my upliftment or promotion, against my family, against my marriage etc, receive condemnation in Jesus’ name. Amen.

8. You power that attack my promotion what are you waiting for, receive the consuming fire of God in Jesus’ name. Amen.

9. Every power limiting my life, your time is up, catch fire in Jesus name.

10. Shout seven times oil of promotion pour on me!


When God lifts a man, no one can bring him down.