He is a teacher of God’s word, an Evangelical Minister whose Ministry is characterized by signs and wonders. He is the coordinator of Divine Encounter where God uses him to perform miracles and bring deliverance to many.

Paul started his ministry on the 1st of June 1985 at Christ Anglican Church, Effurun as a Church Agent. He attended Emmanuel College of Theology, Ibadan (1993- 1996) and he was deaconed 1996 and priested a year later 1997. He also attended Delta State University, where he bagged a Bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies.

How it all started
Divine Encounter is the manifestation of His Lordship Rt. Revd Christian Eezi Ide’s Dream as shared by him during his Enthronement in August 2006. According to him, God gives him a light in St. Andrew’s Cathedral, and from that source, the entire city would be connected spreading to the entire Diocese. Not long after his enthronement, come the disposition of Priests and the then Ven. John U. Aruakpor introduced a weekly program of the gathering of believers tagged “Divine Encounter”. At this point, weekly attendance was an average of 50-70 persons. In 2012 however, upon the election of Ven. John U. Aruakpor as the Bishop of Oleh Diocese, the Ven. Paul G. Whiskel was posted to St. Andrew’s Cathedral as the Vicar. He (P.O.G. Whiskel) started a series of teaching on THE SEED AND THE SOIL (Mathew 13) for a period of two Months, According to him, the farmer who scattered his seeds had some fall along the paths and birds came and ate them up. Some fell on rocky places where they did not do well… however, some fell in good soil, where they produced a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown. He thus concluded his teaching saying “St. Andrew’s Cathedral is the good soil”. As this teaching was going on, the God of Divine increase was already at work, confirming His words with signs and wonders. On one faithful Wednesday, His Lordship, The Rt Revd Christian Ezezi Ide (JP) paid an unscheduled visit to Divine Encounter. On arrival, he gave his fatherly blessings and commended the efforts of the Cathedral Ministers for sustaining the light. Today, Divine Encounter has expounded into the entire Diocese and beyond. It has become an interdenominational weekly program having an average of six thousand persons in attendance. It is the Living Pool of Bethesda, A center of Solution, and A gateway to Encounter The Father.